The Taito EGRETII was introduced in 1996 and was an instant hit. Now, the EGRETII mini, a faithfully miniaturized, high-end home console version of this legendary arcade cabinet is bringing two decades of Taito arcade history right to your living rooms! Compact, but packed with tons of content and features!


5inch LCD display (Aspect ratio 4:3, resolution 1024x768)

Rotating monitor for horizontal and vertical alignment and an optimal adaptation to the selected game.

6-button arcade layout and joystick that is individually adjustable for each game - easily switch from 8 directions to 4 directions

SD card slot to add even more games

All game titles can be saved.
You can save your game in up to 3 save slots at your discretion, allowing you to enjoy the game all the way to the ending.

You can freely change game settings such as number of players and game difficulty.
Players can enjoy the game in a style that suits their preferences.

Mainly in shooting games, rapid fire is implemented as standard.